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Mission Statement

The Ethiopian Community Los Angeles, ECLA, is an inclusive, nonpolitical, and nonreligious civic organization aiming to address the social, economic, and educational needs of Ethiopian immigrants, and others in similar situations, residing in the Greater Los Angeles area of Southern California. ECLA is committed to promote the history and the cultural heritage of Ethiopia at large.

Our Stories

Volunteer SpotlightShiferaw Deneke is a retired engineer and as part of the original founding team volunteers as the chair of the Social & Cultural subcommittee. He takes his service to ECLA to heart and is responsible for spearheading various virtual and in person team sponsored events. The recent EC nonprofit summit came to be because he diligently took the initiative to contact and negotiate a date and time in three different time zones. He volunteers tirelessly for the betterment of ECLA and is always a team player. We frequently call on him to moderate our panels in addition to his regular subcommittee programming. He always has encouraging and kind words for his colleagues. In addition to his volunteering activities, he is also a most generous ECLA donor. With his witty humor he makes volunteering look like fun and games. ECLA values you! 

Contact Us

Ethiopian Community Los Angeles

1439 N.Highland Avenue #203

Los Angeles, CA 90028



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