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Mission Statement

The Ethiopian Community Los Angeles is a non-political, non-religious, non-profit, and tax exempted civic organization aiming at serving all Ethiopians living in the greater Los Angeles area of Southern California.  ECLA is an all-inclusive organization committed to address social, economic, and educational needs of the community; and promoting culture, history, and heritage of Ethiopia at large.


23 Jun 2022 3:23 PM | Yonas Assefa (Administrator)


Mission: The Ethiopian Community Los Angeles, ECLA, is a non-political, non-religious, and tax exempted civic organization aiming at serving all Ethiopians and Ethiopian Americans living in the Greater Los Angeles area of Southern California. ECLA is an all-inclusive organization committed to address the social, economic, and educational needs of the community; and promote the cultural heritage of Ethiopia at large. ECLA collaboratively works with various similar local organizations to address the needs of its community and beyond.

Special Bulletin: ECLA hosted an outdoor picnic on May 14,2022 and conducted a special general assembly to nominate and vote for an election committee to recruit new board members for the September 2022 election. Our current ECLA board members’ term ends this September. Current ECLA board members are eligible to run for a second term. We would like to introduce our new election committee: Chair Faben Fantu, Vice Chair Thomas Amare, Tafesse Woubshet, and Abebe Woldetsadik and Belete Woldeyohannes who stepped up to continue serving through September elections. We thank all of them for their dedication to serve our community. You will be hearing from them directly over the next few weeks on matters related to nominating candidates for the 2022-2024 term.

Roles and Responsibilities for Elected Positions

 1.The Board: (8 open positions out of 11) The board is the higher body that ensures the activities of ECLA follow the bylaws and is accountable to the General Assembly. The board meets quarterly to oversee the executive committee, hear executive director’s report, steer organization’s strategic direction, examine and approve long-term and short-term project proposals, monitor appropriate handling of finances, engage in fundraising, approve employee hiring and compensation, sets policies and procedures, and works in smaller standing committees throughout the year.

2. The Advisory Board: (4 open positions out of 5) The advisory board counsels the ECLA board on matters of social, cultural, educational, and legal issues. They are responsible for resolving conflicts or issues regarding best practices when it arises among board members, standing committees, or the general assembly. They are accountable to the general assembly.

3. Board Secretary: (1 open position) The Secretary takes and keeps minutes of the ECLA board meetings and the General Assembly meetings, maintains all records including a current membership roster, prepares inbound and outbound letters and sends them to the intended parties, performs all duties assigned by the chairperson, is one of the organizations check signer, and communicates calls for regular and/or emergency meetings following the Chairperson’s directive.

4. Board Public Relation Officer: (1 open position) The PR officer prepares current information on ECLA’s activities and disseminates it to the community via print and digital channels, maintains website, prepares video recordings of the general assembly, board, and the executive board meetings and files them, every six months prepares a magazine for distribution to ECLA’s members, interviews responsible parties on current and timely topics, and coordinates with members to implement necessary functions, following up on progress and completion of the work.

5. Board Treasurer: (1 open position) The treasurer dutifully manages the organization’s revenues and expenses, follows up and ensures membership annual fees are paid, ensures that the funds coming into the organization are recorded and receipts are provided to the senders, ensures that all funds received are deposited within 24 hours into the ECLA bank account, ensures director or chair have approved invoices and expenses prior to paying, ensures checks are signed by 2 out of the 4 assigned persons.

6. The Auditors: (3 open positions out of 3) The auditors provide detailed reports every six months to the board to ensure all accounts and finance expenditures follow the bylaws, and once a year prepare audited reports to the board, the executive committee, and the General Assembly. They ensure all financial policies and procedures of ECLA are followed in all departments accordingly, and within budget and time set for planned projects.


The ECLA Chair & Director

Martha Tadesse

Hirout Dagnew

                                                       Email: info@eclosangeles.org

                                                  Website: www.eclosangeles.org

                                                            Tel. 323-506-9960

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Ethiopian Community Los Angeles

1439 N.Highland Avenue #203

Los Angeles, CA 90028


info@ ecloangeles.org

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