Our Team

Martha Tadesse: Chairperson

Vision: My vision for ECLA is for it to be a functional and transparent organization that will uplift the Ethiopian community and enable Ethiopians and Ethiopian-Americans to learn about their cultural heritage and use the strengths of its stakeholders to better address the plights of its community. I would like to realize my dream of a community organization that works collaboratively with similar agencies and the Black community in general to understand our racial experiences here in America. 

Short Biography: Martha is a practicing nurse with an MPA, MSN, and MPH degrees. She worked at Kaiser Permanente for twenty-eight years, and since 1997 has been working for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department as the HIV Medical Liaison. Martha is the founding member of an all women nonprofit, TESFA in Los Angeles. This group of women worked to empower families in need in Ethiopia from 1993-2014. Martha served on the board of di- rectors for the Association of Nurses in AIDS Care, ANAC, as both vice president and president from 2014-2021. Martha is currently serving on the board of directors of Western American Correctional Health Services Association since 2017. In the coming years, Martha would like to bring her twenty-three-year experience of working with underserved populations to provide targeted services to the Ethiopian Community in Los Angeles. Martha comes with years of experience leading nonprofit community centered organizations as well as a vast knowledge of Los Angeles County resources.

Positron Kebebew, MD, MPH : Vice-Chairperson

Vision: My vision for ECLA is for it to provide beyond core functions to Ethiopian and Ethiopian-American communities in an inclusive environment, and for it to be the trusted go-to social care and support network. To strengthen our community and achieve shared goals I see us annually raising funds and pursuing external funding. The funds will support scholarships for our youth to pursue higher education among other endeavors.

Short Biography: Positron has both an MPH and an MD degree and is currently the Regional Medical Director at Health Net since 2012. Among her many responsibilities she reviews and monitors performance trends in multiple dimensions, ensures access standards are met, and assures compliance with all regulatory, accreditation and internal requirements and audits. She collaborates with physician groups, community leaders and community agencies to engage in Whole Person Care Model. Positron was the Central Medical Director, State Health Programs, be- tween 2012-2014. In this position she participated in performance and quality initiatives as it relates to Medical. Positron was the Associate Medical Director be- tween 2009-2012. In this position she provided both clinical and administrative services. Positron has served on Peer Review and Credentialing committees and Utilization Management/Quality Assurance committees. She has also served as an expert medical consultant on the Medical Board of California. Positron has certification with the American Board of Family Practice and possesses a current Medical and DEA license. Positron is affiliated with the Greater Los Angeles African American Chamber of Commerce, GLAAACC, and serves on its board of directors.