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Mission Statement

The Ethiopian Community Los Angeles is a non-political, non-religious, non-profit, and tax exempted civic organization aiming at serving all Ethiopians living in the greater Los Angeles area of Southern California.  ECLA is an all-inclusive organization committed to address social, economic, and educational needs of the community; and promoting culture, history, and heritage of Ethiopia at large.


Organizational Structure 

The organization is run by an eleven-member board who are responsible for sound, ethical, and legal governance, and financial management policies. The board determines the mission, vision, and assists in the implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of the organization’s strategic direction. The board is responsible for securing adequate resources for the organization to fulfill its mission. The board assists in developing the annual budget and ensures that proper financial controls are in place. Through advocacy, the board articulates the organization’s mission, accomplishments, and goals to the public and garners support from the community. The organization has a five-member advisory board who consult with the board as needed and help with fundraising campaigns.

The board appointed executive director is responsible for running all the operational aspects of the organization and is responsible for all the fundraising activities. The subcommittees report to the director and the director reports to the board. The director is accountable to the stakeholders and ensures the quality and effectiveness of programs. The director makes sure financial documents are up to date and creates and adheres to financial controls. The executive director ensures that staff onboarding, recruitment, retention, management, and compliance are carried out with integrity. The director also makes sure the proper hardware, software is in place for donors, document creation, and communication. The director maintains strong relationships with all the stakeholders and communicates regularly with the public. The director also monitors compliance with all laws and regulations. 

ECLA is endowed with fifty plus regular volunteer professionals who are organized into ten subcommittees, and each subcommittee has a team lead. The subcommittees include medical, mental health, education, child development, social/cultural, youth, senior citizens, legal, media/technology, fundraising, and public relations. Each subcommittee is tasked with offering a specialized service to the Ethiopians living in the Greater Los Angeles area. The subcommittees recruit experts and guest speakers in their service area to augment the services they provide. Everyone at ECLA is a volunteer. 

Contact Us

Ethiopian Community Los Angeles

1439 N.Highland Avenue #203

Los Angeles, CA 90028


info@ ecloangeles.org

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